Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Ground has Shifted

What a life change! A week ago, we lived near the beach in California and
now we live in SNOWY Idaho. It's been a weird transition for me. For one
thing, it felt like it took forever to get here, as almost every day for the
past 18 months, my husband and I talked and planned and praying and dreamed
about what it would be like to move. God put the dream into motion and now
we are here!

What's been hard to balance is the major shift of leaving my dearest and
wonderful friends with the shift of arriving and adjusting to a new place.
My emotions and thoughts are constantly bouncing back and forth between the
two. Last month was all about leaving (a fun time of celebration and a
perfect Alice in Wonderland Tea Party) and now this new place is beginning
to consume my thoughts.

I am trying to be gentle with myself- not doing too much organizing on any
one day, forcing myself to sit down with my knitting, saying "yes" anytime
my kids ask for my attention, trying to be patient with the other adults in
the house and allowing myself to just sit. Oh- and Eric scheduled me a
massage for tomorrow!! :) That's the best pampering there is, in my

So mommies, use this as a reminder to take time to adjust to new places,
people, situations, seasons. Even when you decide to make a shift in your
"regular" life, give it space, time, and some pampering. When you decide to
plant your feet and protect your family's time, or to dive into
homeschooling with an attitude of fun and grace, or recommit to taking time
with a friend regularly... even these wonderful shifts can cause anxiety and
the feeling of being unsettled- change is not easy even when it's wonderful.

May the LORD bless you as we begin this month of celebrating Jesus' birth-
be gentle with yourself, stay calm, make deliberate choices and make Jesus
the center.

Oh- and the best purchase of all the money we've spent getting our house
livable, was the $7 snow shovel. The boys are in heaven.