Tuesday, November 16, 2010

celebrate the little things

What a perfect day to end a long season of my life living by the coast. At
the beach (La Jolla Shores), with dear friends and a bunch of great kids.
We are off to Idaho in 5 days.

It felt good to be at the beach today and I don't feel frantic about wishing
I'd done such and such before we move. I think part of that is because this
is entirely a God-move and also because He helped me prioritize and schedule
those things (like the beach) in my life regularly. Almost more Tuesdays at
the beach than not in the last couple years.

What is important to you? A place, an activity, a hobby, a certain friend?
Schedule it in so that it doesn't go by leaving you with regrets. Even
small bits of time snatched here and there are better than never. If
Mommy's soul and spirit is nourished, the whole family will be happier. :)