Sunday, December 5, 2010

Productivity/Efficiency Question: What works for you?

Hi Friends-


So, in an effort to continue to simplify the things in my life that are time-sinks, I am taking a poll.  What apps or programs or systems do you use in your life on an everyday or almost every day basis?  Now that I have gone completely digital, I have too many apps and look at too many things every day.  Help!  What do YOU use?


I just added Cozi, an app that Flylady had designed to worked with her systems, but I am not sure yet if I will stick with it.  It does very well with multiple family member calendars thus far…


Email: outlook on computer and native email app on phone, they automatically sync with each other thanks to my husband.


Calendar: outlook on computer, native calendar on phone and now Cozi… which will win?


To Do Lists:  Toodledo app on phone- have set up to sync with outlook- I wish this functionality and calendar and contacts were all together on my phone and computer nicely…


Contacts: outlook on computer, native contacts on phone- not thrilled- they don’t sync well with each other.


Search:  Safari on phone, google on computer- just discovered swagbucks where you earn points that are redeemable for amazon gift cards.. don’t think that will stick.


Project365 app for keeping a daily photo on calendar style page- not thrilled with app, but like the idea, great for memory triggers…


My Fitness Pal app for calorie and exercise tracking.  Wish I had been using this (and exercising!) the last 2 months.  L


Facebook: to send and receive messages, post photos for friends and fam and fritter away my time.


As you can see, I use my phone way more than my computer these days, so I need things that work well on it…


I use my paper journal for only journaling and occasionally for lists when whipping out my phone feels inappropriate- like in church.  J


Thanks for your ideas and input!!





Anonymous said...

Take the following with a grain of salt as we are huge Apple fans.

As far as keeping things sync'd, it's often a tradeoff of cost vs features, but the key is a cloud service. If you commit to one cloud service (be it google, apple, or other) for as much as you can, then things will sync easier. Your using Blogger, which means you have a google account which will give you ALOT of services for free. Hand your calendars, contacts, and tasks over to Google and it will all sync between devices.

If you use an iPhone and have a Mac, Mobile is great. I tell people you give up 70 Nerd units, but gain 500 power units in return.

The last option is kind of what your doing, piece things together with various services. This works, use to do it myself, but can often result in more frustration than desired.

I also really like a service called Posterous, it's like a blog, but way simpler, and it will "autopost" to a bunch of other services. So you could upload your picture of the day to Posterous, and it will handle getting it everywhere else.

The key, IMHO, is the cloud. Once you have data in the cloud you can use a wide variety of apps to sync.

Jennie Nelson said...

I knew you'd know! :) Thanks for taking the time to write this, even in the midst of your new life!!!