Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Studio in Progess

Okay, so here is the new table and the not-yet-re-organized closet. I had to document the "before" of course so as to be even more thrilled with the "after." When I get to it. When my kids are done barfing. :)

By the way, here's some tips- when your kids have an upset stomach, put a little step stool in the bathroom for them to sit on as they lean over the toilet. This has helped us tremendously with missing the toilet (ick), splashing (even more ick) and them just being comfortable while they sit there waiting for their insides to turn inside-out. It's been a fun week. (sarcasm sarcasm). Actually, trying to be grateful for the little moments, like how cuddly Josh is when he's sick. I love that. And Jack, when he's not having a tantrum is actually quite cuddly too. Watching loads of TV while eating dry cheerios and drinking clear fluids provides ample opportunity for cuddles. Of course, this extremely type-A Mommy has a VERY hard time letting go of the t0-dos and just sitting... but when I can, it's great. For them and me. You should try it. :)

the new desk (made out of a $19 door from home depot, painted with two coats of already-on-hand glossy white paint). On the right are the new drawers from Target. ($23 per cube- much less expensive than the "Crop In Style" brand and perfect for my uses.) I really like the ones with 4-drawers, but it appears that no Targets carry them anymore. Not online, not in 3 local Targets that I've dragged the sick kids to this week.

closet with shelves from costco that we installed years ago when we moved in. Best idea ever- the things holds SO much and I can SHUT the doors to hide it all. :) Really desiring to made it more organized and pretty and happy to look at- been looking at art studios online all week- but don't know when I will get to it. Hopefully soon.