Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Redone Closet!

Yeah for organized closet! It might not look that different to you, but I consolidated and cleared out and decluttered and rearranged. There's even an empty plastic drawer near the bottom! Well, it's not empty now, but it is just holding the misc empty box lids and such that were drawer dividers.

The most fun part was putting my beads and buttons and misc knick knacks into an old spice organizer that we got for a wedding gift 12 years ago. I'd been saving it for just the right purpose and today it was just what I was looking for. I haven't redone the labels yet because that will involved soaking them and scrapping off the old ones first. Any good ideas out there for taking off 12 year old paper labels? If you zoom in, you can see wooden beads, buttons, and spools in three containers.

The black open bin is a bin of old sketch pads as well as various drawings and paintings from about Junior High on. They will be fun to go through and pick out a few favorites to put up on the walls around me.

The cardboard boxes on the bottom are old family photos. There is also two bins of Heritage Album supplies that is in progress. And will be for a long, long time! :)

Now, I can't wait to get a bulletin board up for inspiration and color ideas. Soon. Then, it's PROJECT time! :)