Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What an incredible privilege to spend an entire weekend with women I love and admire. As many of you know, Sally Clarkson has been my "mommy mentor" from afar since I discovered her books years ago. Her humble spirit of being obedient to the Lord and passing on the wisdom He's given her has rescued my children's childhoods. I jumped at the chance to spend time with her and other amazing women being mentored toward God and His call for me.

The main focus of the weekend was learning what calling God has on every woman according to scripture. Sally started with the basics of being called for His glory and in His image. These messages struck deep chords in my soul, reinforcing all I have known since my teen years, but have always struggled to live out in a practical way. She them moved on to: called to marriage and family, called to create, teach, train, disciple and others. It was deep and all-encompassing of my life.

Some things that resonated and challenged me were: (these are all from Sally)

I need enough quietness in my life to hear God's voice.

What do I give my energy to? Am I giving it to God and the precious ones in my home or am I wasting my energy on vain things?

I want to put myself in the presence of intentional people.

We are contaminated with voices all the time. We can't live a Christian life without knowing the Word.

The more that Jesus becomes our focal point, the more we see God.

Must be intentional: study, sacrifice, laying aside my schedule, giving up my rights.

-Sally Clarkson

I think the two biggest things that are currently front in my mind is that having a quiet time is not a chore to check off but a personal time with a living God who will pour into me so my children can see and know and grow into Him as well. I will only give out to my family what I am putting into my heart, mind, soul. If those things are conformed to this world, so will I be. But I long to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. (Romans 12:1-2)

The second thing is that God had an ideal plan for this world, but now it's the "broken place." Satan tried to snatch away the ideals. We are called to be redeemers, returning people to God and His ideals. This means that I can bring redemption and civility through my home and my actions toward my children. I can redeem my relationship with each family member by being filled with grace, love and compassion toward them instead of anger or resentment. In the laying down of my rights, I will find fulfillment in obeying God's call.

Here's the icing on the cake: I was able to steal away for a short bit with Sarah, Sally's daughter and author of "Read for the Heart." She is an amazingly gifted, inspiring, compassionate soul who is a kindred spirit in all things books and Britain. What an unexpected and wonderful bonus. My cup overflows!