Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A few months ago, I asked the Lord what my priorities should be at this current season of my life. Here is what He said and then what I wrote in my journal:

"I want you to enjoy all I've given you. Husband, children, creation."

Time and space to be intentional and creative.
The will and personality to not be drawn down the world's path- in parenting, materialism, busyness, food choices, full schedules, full houses...

I remember as a teenager (and even younger) being so committed to being different. I didn't want to fit what I felt was the regular mold- this was mainly expressed through my clothes- I did the almost-gothic thing- funky tights, lots of black, etc. Praise the Lord I was also a committed Christian and was determined not to go down any of the weird paths that can accompany that.

I still feel adamant about this in so many ways. I will not follow the world in my parenting or in the kids' education. I will not succumb to the typical overabundance, overwhelming American lifestyle. We will choose any activities carefully. We will have lots of time for free play and imagination. My children's "center" will be in our home, not with their peers. We will not rush into heavy academics. We will not teach our children to strive for more stuff and more money. We will instill a love of relationships and experiences and imagination and hard work and gratefulness.

Lord- we are gripping onto you and our biblical convictions- the way of culture cannot have our family values!

Stand at the crossroads and look! (Jer. 6:16)