Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do Something Brave

This week I did something very brave. I took my boys camping with one other mommy and her son. And no daddies! This is not something in my normal scope of life. I tend to be fearful, a chicken, not one to take risks esp with my kids. This wasn't a risk really, but it was definitely out of my comfort zone. And what a blessing! We had a wonderful time- time to talk, time to sit, think, breathe, watch the ocean. All while our three boys played and dug and fought and worked it out again.

Do something brave! Find something outside your comfort zone that you want to do and do it. (Get another mommy to accompany you if you don't want to do it alone!) God will provide what you need to get through it and then you know that with Him walking with you, you can do difficult things.


Carly said...

That's so cool, Jennie! Great job! It'll be fun to do things like this when my kids are older.