Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hello, Mommies!!!

I've have been so excited to share with you many tidbits that I gleaned from the "Wholehearted" retreat that I went to in February. Sally Clarkson and her daughter, Sarah Clarkson, have ministered to me in so many ways.

FYI- Much of this was taken verbatim from Sally's speaking, so I cannot take credit at all! (except for the poor grammar and abbreviated sentences of my notes- teehee)

The World’s Ways vs. God’s Ways

Saul vs. David: “We want a king like everyone else!”

The world has a way that it wants us to live, bombarded by things that we think will make us happy.

I want to live differently than world, Judges 2 “and the next generation arose (after Joshua) and they did not obey Lord.”

When you go the way of the world there is always a price to pay.

Where are your values? You can make worldly decisions that people will affirm or you can go God’s way.

1 Samuel 8 – Israel demands a king

Wanted to be like everyone else: “they do not want me to be their king any longer” 1 Sam 8:7

James 4:4 – "Friendship with the world is enmity with God." When we go the way of the world we become adulteresses to God.

Who or what is influencing the decisions you make as a mother? As a wife? Choose to walk in God's ways today.


kd said...

welcome back! :) And thanks for sharing.