Friday, December 5, 2008

Selling Art! This is scary for me!

I just posted a collage to ebay....

Click here to see it!

This is my first attempt to sell my art. I have given away many creations, but thought I would give it a go. I ultimately want to sell on etsy but I didn't have the time right now to set up my storefront...soon!

Be brave- do something scary today!


Valerie Kurtz said...

you go, girl! as i said, the true renaissance woman!

Sacha Rosburg said...

I agree whole heartedly!! You're a rock star!! Okay, I'm going to send in my application to Survivor. Just kidding :) I can't think of anything scary right now. Any suggestions?

Mommy Jennie said...

it's those baby steps toward long term goals that seem intimidating... what are your biggies in the ten-year plan? Can you take one small step toward one of those? :)
love you girl!