Monday, December 8, 2008

A Quote from Sally Clarkson

From Sally's blog (and I completely agree with her!)

"I have had to learn that no one else in the world will be responsible for my over-all well being. I have a husband and children who love me, but I am responsible for my rest, my quiet time, my eating and exercise and my chill time. I do have countless emails in my inbox that I would love to answer, and there are tasks calling my name around the house, but I have become the queen of turning my head away and sticking to my priorities. I have found that there will be just as many things screaming for my attention tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. But today, I know that my body and mind need a little rest and that when I am a steward of my body, I am protecting my walk with the Lord. I am always simplifying and evaluating if something is worth the effort--(I do think that making things beautiful and special during the holidays are worth the effort as it builds the taste and values and work ethic and ministry skills of my children--but all in its season. But it may not be worth it to answer one more phone call or one more email--as this will certainly steal from my children and husband who need me today.

Each of us has a different puzzle and different personality and we must accept our limitations within our own story and be comfortable being ourselves. I see so many moms seeking to live up to other's expectations and ideals and then burning out in the process. I have high work times and rest times.

If we don't eventually make peace with our own life circumstances, then we are in danger of cultivating a heart of bitterness or whining. But if we become the conductors of our own life symphonies and live within our own melody of life, we will last longer more gracefully with the God of grace who leads us.

Take time to regroup today--the rest of December is still coming and you will be the better for it!"