Sunday, November 16, 2008

Child's Story Bible by Vos

I love the Child's Story Bible by Vos. It's a book I would never pick up because it looks so old-school and well...kind of dumb. And if you look in it, there are very few pictures. My view of a children's Bible is that it should have pictures. Well, after many people highly recommended it, I purchased it and began reading it every morning with the kids. It is very well done. Scripture is accurate and thorough and it is more complete than any children's story bible I've ever seen.

After each morning's reading, I ask the kids what they learned. My two-year-old usually says, "Jesus," as this is the correct answer to any question. :)

Last week, after we read the account of creation. I asked my five-year-old what he learned.

"God made the world." (pronounced "weld")

"What did he make it out of, Josh? Dirt or..?"

"No." Silently thinks for a bit. "He made it with noise."

WOW! He was able to interpret the fact that God SPOKE the earth into being and put it in terms he understood. I was so encouraged about our daily readings!!!

Now, don't go getting all discouraged if you aren't reading the Bible with your kids. Start small, read whatever story books you do have about Jesus, tell them your favorite stories, remind them that God created that beautiful sunset outside. I have only recently been able to institute more regular readings because my children can feed themselves their breakfasts (no more highchairs or sippy cups!) and I can read to them while they inhale their outmeal. It's been great for me too because, honestly, I am not that regular at reading my own Bible. It is so encouraging to read the stories of Jesus and be reminded of the simple yet profound truths through the eyes of my children.

"He made it with noise."