Saturday, October 4, 2008

Add Memories to the Memories

My dad went to be with Jesus on September 16, 2006 . This year, we took flowers from my mom's garden to throw into the ocean at Sunset Cliffs. It's a great tradition that we also try to do on his birthday. This year's moment included a walk down the secret trail with my boys. It was meaningful to bring them to a place so packed with memories for me. Of course, they only thought it was dusty and fun to tromp through the grass and down the trail. Good enough.

Do those things that are meaningful for you, even if your kids don't understand yet or do understand and don't appreciate the way you think they should.

Add memories to the memories.

By the way, the surfing lesson was hard work but lots of fun and well worth it. I am very glad we went.


Lisa said...

I appreciate this sentiment and agree with it wholeheartedly! I had a similar experience of sharing memories with my boys.

When we went to Canada in June, I dragged the boys to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Museum. They had a display featuring a few of my favorite t.v. shows that I adored as a little girl -- Mr. Dress-Up and The Friendly Giant have long since gone off the air, but they were my favorites. The boys were beyond bored as we walked through and looked at everything. I tried to explain the different things they had displayed, but it was completely lost on them. I quickly realized I wasn't going to have much time to stroll down memory lane. So, I did my best to take as many photos as I could to enjoy later, and packed the boys up to leave, but on our way out, I saw they had a DVD collection of Mr. Dress-Up episodes. I bought it and gave it to Corbyn for his birthday. Later, as we all began watching a few episodes, the boys were fascinated and Mr. Dress-Up appealed to them as much as he did to me when I was little. It so warmed my heart to see them enjoying something I loved from my childhood. In the moment, I was thinking it was a disaster to have taken them to the museum, but now, I'm so glad I took them. While they were disinterested in everything on display, I've still been able to introduce them to Mr. Dress-Up, and that's something very special to me!