Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Overdid it just a smidge....

Yes well... in my enthusiasm for Elizabeth Goudge and the way I have been refreshed from reading fiction lately, I requested many of her books from the library....

Today I went to pick up my holds.... There were 17. Yes, 17 books. If I read them all with one renewal, that'd be 3 days for each book (as my husband wanted me to know). I am a fast reader, but not that fast! And, as a dear friend was kind enough to point out, now I am hogging them from anyone else being able to read them.

But, ... I am happy in my excess. The stack on the bookshelf makes me feel happy. Is that gluttony? materialism? There is grace even for my literary gluttony.

By the way, the definition of "excess" is... the state or an instance of surpassing usual, proper, or specified limits; undue or immoderate indulgence

Describes it perfectly. And I am happy about it.


Lisa said...

Well, you musn't have taken all of them b/c I was able to take out 3 EG books to take with us for a week of Family Camp. They're probably the 3 you've already read, but they were available nonetheless. Looking forward to exploring this author with you!