Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Art Work

Okay, so here's a little collage that I did for my mom of her grandmother's house in West Virginia. The angle is weird b/c that was the only way my mom could get the glare off it. There is a coi fish on it b/c my great-grandparents had a wonderful pond in their yard with fish. Once, my mom took her little kid fishing pole and caught one of the very expensive coi fish! :) The little metal squares are letters that spell Mt. Echo. That was the name of the beautiful house.

Today is a day of tantrums and even though I know it's just a phase, it is so hard not to get completely emotionally drained in the middle of a 45 minute doozy. Jack is great at those these days. Am ready to get through this phase! Thank goodness for naps, at least there is a lull.