Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Team

So yesterday was a hard day. Jack was throwing the never-ending tantrums, mostly related to not wanting to get re-dressed after going potty. A necessary skill to one's life, so we keep working on it. In the morning I had prayed with the kids that God would make us a great team. I think we had about 3 hours of mostly continual tantrums and discipline.

So, it was somewhat miraculous when later that afternoon, I had one of those, "oh my goodness, God totally answered that prayer" moments. We were outside, kids were playing while I was working in the garden a bit, trimming the flowers and watering. Then, Jack wanted to "help Mommy water? can I mommy can I?" so I let him. Then, I asked Josh to use his little wagon to take my trimmings to the trash can. He happily agreed and took about 5 loads of hydrangea blossoms to the trash. And I went on clipping. Then I looked around and realized that we were indeed working as a team. Everyone was involved, having fun, being together, serving. It was a great moment.

So be encouraged! Your hard Mommy work will pay off, bit by bit, as you watch your kids grow in responsibility and attitude and love for God.