Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mom Heart Resources #6: Art!

So many of today's books have been added to my personal wishlist.  Valuable additions to a home library.

This book has a basic summary of the major art movements throughout history.  It is a lovely introduction to seeing the different themes and styles in fine art.  Love it!  There are other books in this art series that I can't wait to explore with my children.

This is a book with ideas of simple art projects that are original and very creative.  Another gem that I look forward to implementing in our home!  This series also has several titles.

If you are looking to do some fine art picture study, these art prints from Simply Charlotte Mason are an inexpensive and high quality option,  These are each 8 1/2 x 11 in and high quality glossy, stiff paper. There are several artists to choose from.

And some art for you, Mom!  These beautiful coloring books are intricate and therapeutic for adults or children that like fine detail.  

And a few non-art items that we chatted about at our Mom Heart Group this week:

Entertaining read aloud book with NO pictures!!

This book of questions could be used as a dinner time conversation starter, or writing prompts, or just an non-threatening way to get to know your children better.

This Bible is a good transitional one for middle grade children to begin to own their personal relationship with God.

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