Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mom Heart Resources #1: Shakespeare, Devotions, and More

Last night, several women came to my home for our biweekly Mom Heart meeting to discuss Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson.  During the course of our conversation, there were many resources recommended by different women.  I realized that several of the resources may benefit many of you that I am not in face-to-face contact with.  So, these are the links to a random assortment of items that were spoken of last night.

Shakespeare resources for young children  (these are clickable links)

Ideas to help children form their own devotional relationship with God and His Word:

This Bible was recommended as a "readable" translation for young cihldren.  Comes in many versions.

Other Misc Stuff:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I earn pennies on anything you may purchase on Amazon through these links.  It is no extra charge to you, and the amount I earn is pennies toward books for our homeschool,  Seriously- $4 over the last two years.  Ha!