Monday, January 27, 2014

The Olympics are Coming!!

We love the Olympics.  My husband and I have been known to watch the entire 6-hour "recap" of the Olympics.  Since there is already a buzz in our home, I decided to do a bit of a unit study for our homeschool using various resources around the web.

There are many unit studies and lapbooks around the web.  I chose this one because it is relatively simple, but easy for me to adjust the difficulty level for my sons.  Plus, it was a great deal at only one dollar!  I also really like the unit studies by Amanda Bennett.  If you're looking for something more in depth, try this one.

For those of you who have never completed a lapbook before, plan to print the entire packet one time so that you have all the information you need.  Then, print only the consumable pages for each additional child.  For my two children, I print the entire packet once, then the selected pages one more time.  (Did you know that in the "pages" text box when printing, you can write page "7, 9, 12, 14" etc.?  It's a useful trick to save paper and ink.)

Tomorrow, I will head to the library to pick up some Olympics themed books for us to read each day.  Also, hopefully a couple about Russia.

For the next few weeks, I plan to start the day with math, read an Olympic book, complete one or two mini-books inside the lapbook, followed by an Olympic themed activity or short video.  Here are some of the activities that I will use.

We will also make rings like these to have a ring toss game.

I know my boys will LOVE this miniature ice rink.  It's in the freezer as I type!  

These Olympic rings will make fun decor for the next month!

Every Bed of Roses has a list of free resources including printable pages and other fun ideas.   On this site, I found a link to 13 short videos explaining The Science of the Winter Olympics.  I cannot wait to watch one per day with my boys!

Some other activities we may do are:
      - Go ice skating
      - Watch the movie about the US Hockey Team (Miracle on Ice, I think- haven't previewed or researched yet- it's just a thought.)
     -Make large Olympic Rings in some form or other
     -Print a photo of the torch and let them decide how to paint/draw/make one
     -Use homemade clay to sculpt an Olympic scene  (I'm thinking a ski jump, a half pipe or a snowmobile!)

And because I'm a little insane, I picked up two inexpensive plain white shirts today.  After my littles go to bed, I will print the Olympics rings onto photo transfer paper and make them each a shirt to wear.  My husband and his brother got matching track suits for the 1984 Olympics!  I wish we had those now.

Enjoy this time celebrating the fun of competition and learning new things about Russia and the Olympics!


The Roy Family said...

Very fun Jennie! Thanks for the fun ideas. Sparked some creativity in my guys...they are planning Lego Olympic rings! :)

Jake and Nikki said...

We love the Olympics too. So excited to get the kids involved.

Jennie Nelson said...

Shelly- great idea! We will for sure bust out the legos!

It is so much fun to get the kids involved and excited.