Monday, January 6, 2014

For Now

For many years now, I've realized that I need to rein in my screen usage in order to be more present with my family.  It's distracting, addicting and not how I want to be spending the precious minutes of my day.  That said, it is also useful, efficient and helpful for communication.  So- I have set myself some rules and made a little place for my phone to be when no one is actually CALLING on the phone.  (With no landline, it makes me too uncomfortable at this point to turn it all the way off.)  My children are allowed to "call me" on breaking the rules, as are you.

I think these new boundaries will allow me to feel all the moments when I (used to) use my phone as an escape from reality as well as to be more intentional about what I put into the public media space.  Like this post.  :)

Eeek.  Public accountability.  Here goes unsettled and unsure feelings.  But here goes anyway.


Judy said...

You are such an inspiring role model! I'm struggling with the same thing. Biggest problem for me is that my phone is also my music source, and when it's already on, it's so tempting. :-(