Friday, June 14, 2013

Recharging with Nap Times

My creative space during a nap time art making session

Many of us relate to the feeling of relief that happens when a fussy child finally falls into peaceful rest.  Many women run around like headless chickens while their babies are napping or having a quiet rest time. While this is effective for keeping up on the housework, it may not be the best use of these hushed moments.

When my boys were small, a wise women told me not to use nap time to accomplish work that can be done when the babes are awake.  Now, every mother reading this immediately thinks, “Okay. I understand that. That means I should fold the laundry and sweep the floors and prepare dinner. I certainly can’t do those things with littles underfoot.”  Guess what? You CAN do those things when your children are up and with you.

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