Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Legos Leads to Parties

After much bickering, I gave the boys a project (read: chore) to complete as a team. When the bickering continued, the consequence was no Legos today or tomorrow. (gasp, death, horror of horrors!)

But, after the project was done, this is what I discovered. Jack told me, "They're having a party. A picnic party."

Free time and space breed imagination.

(also bickering, but that's okay.)

Please let your children play, stay home, tone down the activities, give them lots of free time. The rewards greatly outweigh any sacrifice on your part.


Jennifer said...

ironically...i'm reading this while my two little ones are bickering but they while building a fort in the living room so they can hide out and "read" together and play....thanks for this post!