Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Field Trip Today

Today we got to spend the morning with our lovely friends, Jack and Leanne and their brand new colt!  He is about 4 days old and had never been in a halter.  They gave us the privilege of watching the introduction of the halter and lead rope.  

We also got to visit the chickens, including collecting a warm egg from under a hen!  (I know, small potatoes for you farmer types, but it is all amazing and wonderful for this former city girl.)  

Came home with a dozen eggs, some rocks and braided ropes.  What an amazing day!!!  
 Jack, leading Sparkle with her colt.
 Oh, those wonderful, spindly legs!

 Josh trying to work Mr. Jack's wheel bender tool.  

Their horses are gorgeous!  I was so blessed.  (plus I got to drive the atv for a bit.  if I can't have a horse, I'll settle for one of those!!)  :)