Monday, January 9, 2012

I Value...

Stand at the crossroads and look.  Ask for the ancient paths, ask for the good ways and walk in them and you will find rest for your soul. Jeremiah 6:16
Spiritual Life:
·        I value consistent time spent with God free from distractions as well as constant communion with Him. 
·        I value prayer, study, quiet, nature. 

Family Life:
·        I value spending time together as a family.
·        I value fostering opportunities to create lasting memories in order to build a strongly connected family.
·        I value creating a home of beauty, health, safety, inspiration and comfort where each person who enters is relaxed and restored.

Personal Development Life:
·        I value imparting my love of art, creativity and music to the boys, especially as an outlet for stress and emotions.
·        I value solitary time to read and create.
·        I value challenging myself including recognizing and changing my own unhealthy habits.

Pace in Life:
          Set your mind on things above; not on things on the earth.  Col. 3:2
·        I value balance and simplicity different from the frantic pace around me.
·        I value boundaries, margin, intentionality and time for reflection.

Career Life:
·        In parenting, I value raising and training our boys according to God’s will.
·        I value instilling a joy for seeking Him and His will.
·        I value educating at home using gentle and inspiring methods.

Social Stewardship:
·        I value faithfulness, authenticity, transparency and balance in friendship.
·        I value having a few close friends to “do life” with.
·        I value being available as a resource and mentor to those around me.

Physical Stewardship:
·        I value having a healthy and strong body so I am able to live out my values in all other areas.

Financial Stewardship:
·        I value tithing, giving, and being wise stewards of our finances.
·        I value living simply and not extravagantly.
·        I value using our home to minister to others.

Ministry Stewardship:
·        I value using my spiritual gifts to glorify and honor God- admin, leadership, discernment, giving and hospitality.


Rebekah said...

Jennie, this is beautiful! I love it!

Jennie Nelson said...

Thank you, friend. Took lots of time a couple years ago and found it was still exactly what I felt now. :) Want to choose my time and energy to pursue His priorities for me!