Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturn's Rings

Hello, mommies! I know it's difficult to let your husbands lead when they are home with the kids. I am altogether too familiar with the wrestling before bed that leads to wound up kids or missed/irregular meals when dad's in charge. But let him! Don't squelch the daddy experience or you won't get help and support when you need it.

And it leads to some pretty great things. Last night, Eric woke the kids up at 11:30 to go see Saturn's rings through a birthday telescope that just got unpacked. After screaming over the injustice of being woken up, they loved it. My 5-year-old who was the source of the screaming, came back upstairs in Daddy's arms and told me that they'd seen "the rings that are made of rocks and water!"

And my 8-year-old loved the whole experience. Explained to me about the rings and told me he'd seen the big dipper! Oh, to
view life through the eyes of a child!

So, sweet friends, try to let your husbands be a parent in their own way!