Friday, October 1, 2010

Final Days in England

Our last days in England were spent in Oxford, Aylesbury and London.

In Oxford, we had lunch at the Eagle and Child pub which is where CS Lewis,
JRR Tolkien, and other great writers met as the Inklings in the 1930s and
40s to critique and encourage each other. It was so wonderful to sit there!
We also visited Magdalene College where Lewis was a professor for many
years. We walked around the small pond area where Lewis often walked.
Sigh. Sigh. Lovely. I felt so stirred up and thrilled by it all.

THEN, we went to Christ Church College where Lewis Carroll worked and was
friends with Alice Liddell and played croquet with her before and during the
writing of Alice in Wonderland. Do you recognize the field? Absolutely
thrilling. Makes me smiles writing about it, 4 months later!

In Aylesbury, we did some family history research and went geocaching.

Back in London, a delayed flight made time for a quick trip to the Tower of
London which is filled with dark and interesting history. Saw the crown
jewels. Stood where Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn were executed. Crazy!

As you can tell, I was so blessed to be able to make that trip and
incredibly grateful to my mom for taking the kids in order that we could go.
It was a perfect trip. I adore England and CANNOT WAIT to go again.


Robbie Iobst said...

Makes me want to go...BADLY! :0) How fun and how wonderful to stand in the place of so much history! Happy for you and yes, jealous. :0) Great pictures!