Monday, August 30, 2010

hicote manor gardens, another footpath and broughton castle

These two days were probably my favorites of the whole trip. Hidcote Manor
Gardens were gorgeous and the footpath adventure that day took us to a tiny
little village (about 10 houses total). I could live there.

Broughton Castle was where Shakespeare in Love was filmed (It was Gweneth's
house) and they had just finished up filming for the new Jane Eyre movie
that is coming out. The pub was near the castle and we had a lovely talk
with the manager and waitress about the castle and the various interesting
tidbits. See the ploughman's lunch we had that day which we haven't ceased
to talk about? Fresh, tasty organic goodness. Broughton is an actually
lived in castle. There were once 14 gardeners and today there is only one!
Poor man.