Monday, February 8, 2010

Update from our dear friends in Uganda - no more calls please!

We had another awesome day today. We got some things done that we need for the "big day" on Friday. Doors that were closed before suddenly opened today. It was a super great day.

Sarah kissed Court today. Ahhh..... Daddy leaves tomorrow and both his girls will be sad to see him go. We're believing that our great big God will reunite us soon.

Thank you so much to everyone who made calls on our behalf. We feel so loved. All of the Ugandan offices and the US Embassy offices are doing everything they can to help us at this point. If I could be so bold as to ask that they don't get any more calls, I hope you'd understand. It's not coming from a place of ungratefulness. I am SO thankful for the amazing support we have received. Now, we just need those offices to be able to work on our case instead of answering calls and messages. :) The work is done, now we can all let go and let God.

I'd love for you to continue to support us in prayer.

*We need to enter every situation with humility, calmness, and utmost respect. We're so tired and our brains aren't working normally so we've been saying and doing things we might not normally do. We're asking God to be Lord of our hearts and mouths.

* Praises for Sarah's continued health improvements. She no longer has anything contagious like infections or parasites. She doesn't have anymore yucky diapers! That is so awesome. She is no longer a danger to others, now others are a danger to her with her low immunity. We are praying that the plane ride home will not expose her to anything that will be dangerous for her.

*Praise for healing of the skin in her diaper area.

*Prayer for the painful throat condition that is not getting better. It's difficult to see her in such pain. She makes a noise when she breathes in and out. When she cries, it is difficult for her to catch her breath and she sounds like a seal barking. She cries with pain often so it's a vicious cycle. Praying for relief from pain.

* When I'm carrying her, I often think my phone is vibrating but it's just Sarah's tummy. If you place your hand on her abdomen, there is a constant rumbling at all times. Praying for healing of her digestive system.

*Praises for Sarah's appetite. She loves potato soup, any soup really, and spaghetti. She'll eat a little rice and chicken if she's in the mood. She also loves ketchup. She drinks juice and water. But that's about it, we're praying that she'll eat whatever is available on the plane. Her body really can't endure 2 days without food.

*Of course, still praying for all things to come together in our favor on Friday.

Sarah helping me update the blog. (Yep, she's holding a syringe. That's our life now.) I normally wouldn't post a picture that makes me look so ummm... "well-fed" but Godfrey assures me that fat woman are very beautiful here. :)

Sarah spends a ton of time in her high chair. She eats very slowly (as a result of her throat condition) so she'll sit there for 2 hours, play for 1 hour and then she's ready to eat again. While she sits there, I like to paint her toenails. I have 3 boys so I'm so excited to be able to do these things. I couldn't get her to pose her feet so I'm not sure if you can see her "Strawberry Electric" toenails.

I'm sorry to repeat myself but I can't thank you all enough for the support and prayer.