Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I been thinking about where I find inspiration to create art and I've discovered it to be much more varied than I would have thought. The easiest place for me is in photographs because I am having so much fun making personalized collages with photographs.

But where else do I find it? Yesterday, I was totally inspired by the movie, Bright Star, about John Keats. It was absolutely visually beautiful. Awesome. I'd like to go again just to check out the backdrops more carfeully.

I also find inspiration in songs- a line of a song will trigger a thought or a picture or an idea of something to chase creatively.

So.... look around you, listen, observe... find inspiration. Then write or draw or pray or glue or decorate or plant flowers... get creative and get yourself out of your mommy brain!

love you!