Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For Dad

Here is the latest creation in mixed media. I gave it to my mom last week on the third anniversary of my dad waking up in heaven. It is two shadow boxes made with significant details.

The box on top contains pieces of the last project he was working on, including the glasses he wore. He loved my boys immensely and he adored creating a fancy model railroad for them. (and for him: part artist, part craftsman, part historian, .. come to think of it, all those labels sure sound familiar.)

The box on the bottom contains a model car that he built when he was a boy, a hood ornament from one of the old model BMWs that we passed around the family (the cars not the hood ornament!), as well as a paper with notes about his golf swing in his handwriting.

Some close ups of the details.

The last picture of Dad. and one of us in 1977 when my sweet sister was born. Miss you, Dad!


lnstryker said...

These are amazing Jennie. I love the pictures of him working and holding you and Reenee. Love you guys!