Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Counselor Yelled at Me

Well.. she didn't exactly yell, but she interrupted me and said, "you hush!" It was pretty hilarious and stopped me right in my tracks (and I knocked my planner and all loose contents onto the floor!). Apparently, I am very good at being rational and reasonable and am good at talking myself out of feeling my feelings. I had my feelings hurt last week and I was giving her all the reasons why I didn't need to be upset by it. I did not even realizing that that is what I was doing... hence the interruption. It was good. I was certainly thinking about it all day yesterday and wondering why I was acting like that....this learning about myself stuff is no easy task. good though. and highly recommended. best money I've ever spent.


Carolyn Joyce said...

jennie, your counselor sounds like my counselor! i love it! good stuff, huh?


Mommy Jennie said...

maybe we have the same one... she is popular among rock folks... :) it is great. has been wonderful.

Deb said...

Wow...I think I do that...A LOT! Love and miss you.