Saturday, July 5, 2008


Welcome to my new blog, a place of encouragement for moms as well as a place for me to share the tidbits I am learning along my journey. Come and be encouraged!

Today is actually a grumpy day for me, but this is energizing. I am too tired for my brain to work right or to adequately love my family. So I sent them away. :)

Not really, but my husband did offer to take the kids to fly kites (and didn't even ask me to go along, praise the Lord!) and I readily agreed that it was a good idea. Sometimes I feel bad needing so much time to myself, but I know that as a low-energy and somewhat introverted person, I need a lot of down time to maintain some semblance of balance. Nora (my dear therapist, I imagine you'll be hearing lots of tidbits that came from her) helped me to understand that I am either full-steam ahead or crashed. Nothing half done, or even done in a calm matter. Must be efficient, must be productive. I haven't figured out WHY I am like that yet, but I am ssssllllooowwwwwly learning how to do things 85% instead of 110%.

Happy 5th of July, it's my dear sister's bday today. Happy Bday, Sis!


Deb said...

Thank you for being so real my dear friend. I have always admired you...for lots of reasons and now I have another. You can put it all out there. As one who wears it close to her sleeve mostly...I appreciate your willingness to let us glean from your journey. I love you friend. You are wonderful, whether you feel like it or not.

And sorry I haven't called you back. Only have long distance on my cell, and it's never around or charged when I need it. will call soon.

Love you,

Mommy Jennie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! love you and miss you!