Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Family Craft

I made our silly family based on a craft from Martha Stewart. They are aluminum roof flashing with paint, scraps of fabric and photocopied heads. Creativity is a great outlet and refreshing for me. When I get down in the Mommy Dumps, I try to force myself into the garage and my little craft corner to do something. I often have more than one thing started, so I can just jump in. Often I am too tired to do it and too tired to be creative, but if I can just get myself started, then I usually am rejuvenated and refreshed. Usually I do this during nap time, but now that the boys are older and can play together, I can work a bit when they are up and around. I think it's a great example to them too, so I try not to feel guilty for having mommy time in the middle of the day.